Mortgage Brain partners up with Leeds Building Society to simplify mortgage search process

Mortgage Brain, a technology provider to the mortgage industry, has collaborated with Leeds Building Society to introduce a fully customised criteria brain integration on its intermediary website, enhancing the mortgage search process for its intermediaries.

Mortgage Brain’s customised i-frame for Leeds Building Society will directly power the lender’s criteria policy pages on their intermediary website so brokers can access comprehensive and up-to-date criteria information on both residential and BTL mortgage ranges.

It also means essential time savings for Leeds Building Society as the lender will only be required to update policy information from one entry point which is then replicated automatically across Criteria Brain and their own website.

Automatic updates mean that criteria information will always be current on the website and for Mortgage Brain users.

This also allows the lender to input data through one point of entry, meaning no inefficient rekeying of information, and also saves brokers precious time and reduces the amount of pre-application policy calls to the lender.

It also strives to make a significant reduction in administrative workload for both the broker and lender.

Neil Wyatt, sales and marketing director at Mortgage Brain: “At Mortgage Brain, we're dedicated to streamlining and enhancing the mortgage process through the sharing of proven technology.

“Our latest collaboration with Leeds Building Society is a key example, showcasing our commitment to simplifying mortgages through innovation.

“Our focus is on significantly improving the adviser experience by delivering the most accurate and current data to enable them to best serve their diverse range of clients.

“This initiative with Leeds Building Society is part of a growing trend, as more lenders choose our technology to enrich their website policy pages, recognising the value it brings to the industry.”

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