91.5% of cryptocurrency investments made by men

Some 91.5% of all investments in cryptocurrency are made by men, according to the latest research from online crypto investment platform eToro.

However, the research also found that women disproportionately invested in the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

Students, retirees and the unemployed all accounted for a significant proportion of investors while 15.05% of computer and IT professionals are invested in cryptocurrency, making them the largest individual group.

Novices make up 81.96% of investors, significantly higher that the proportion of investors claiming to be advanced (7.38%). 

The platform argues that cryptocurrency offers a diverse range of people new options for their finances. 

“At its core, investment is about ensuring that the real value of a person’s earnings is maintained long term,” said eToro.

“In an ideal world, this is also combined with growth.

“To this end, when it is considered that investment can seem alien to many, its democratisation is imperative to the creation of a stronger economy and the financial enfranchisement of many more in society.”

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