Duncan Kreeger

TAB launches online investment platform

TAB has launched an investor platform which aims to provide a seamless investment journey into bridging loans, development finance and fractional property.

Powered by TAB Tech and designed with investors in mind, it includes features to help navigate and understand the performance of investments, including:

  • a dashboard overview, which provides both consolidated and detailed views of investments as well as downloadable statements
  • the TAB market, which allows investors to view all of its investment opportunities in one place
  • a streamlined onboarding process; it takes 10 minutes for people to sign up and have their identity verified.

Investors can open different types of accounts including individual, joint and corporate.

TAB’s platform has a £1,000 minimum investment, making it significantly more accessible to invest in UK property.

“Our sales team has refined the loan origination strategy to ensure we have ample investment opportunities for our investors and, over the next year, we’ll be increasing our efforts into fractional investments,” said Duncan Kreeger, CEO at TAB.

“Further down the line, borrowers and brokers will have access to a version of the platform as well, where they can apply for loans, and track the progress of their applications and loan performance through their own dashboard.”

In the future, TAB will aim to also offer Trust and SIPP accounts through the platform.

This is set to enable investors to customise their investment experience, selecting the products and investment vehicle in a way that lets them build their portfolios in accordance with their goals.

The TAB brand has also evolved: the new website aims to provide greater detail on its products, both for investors and borrowers.

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