How to get a copy of the next Bridging & Commercial Magazine

With the Covid-19 crisis impacting the specialist finance industry more and more everyday, being informed about the latest developments has possibly never been more important.

The team at Bridging & Commercial remains focused on delivering the latest features, opinions and trends within specialist finance.

With the delivery date of the next Bridging and Commercial Magazine fast approaching, we don’t want you to miss it.

Given current circumstances, many of our readers will be working from home and delivery of the March/April issue to your office will likely mean that it will go unread for weeks, at least.

Therefore, if you would like to update your work address to your home one so that you still receive the hard copy version, please email our colleague [email protected]co.uk as soon as possible.

You can also redirect your mail via Royal Mail.

Our online version of the magazine will be live via the B&C website as per usual, ensuring as many of our readers can access our content from the comfort of their homes.

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