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Arc & Co podcast: 'No matter what's thrown at us...we'll deal with it and we'll come out on top'

Arc & Co has released the third and final part of its roundtable-style podcasts.

In this edition, a number of leading industry figures discussed predictions for 2020 in light of the uncertainty of the Brexit negotiations, climate change and the net zero carbon target, as well as the current global political situation.

The participants from Arc & Co included Matthew Yassin, director of structured finance; Edward Horn-Smith, managing director of structured finance; and Julian King, senior adviser. 

They were joined by Michael Dean, principal and co-founder at Avamore Capital; Jon Salisbury, managing director at Ortus Secure Finance; James Helmore, senior portfolio manager at Paragon Development Finance; Chris Strathon, senior director in valuation at JLL; and Alexander Pelopidas, partner at Rosling King LLP.

When discussing this year’s predictions, Chris highlighted the potential impact climate change and the net zero carbon targets may have “on both the commercial property and, particularly, residential land”.

“There is a bit of a concern there given the increase in cost,” he stated. 

“No one’s quite clear how much greater the cost will be for producing net zero carbon homes and flats, [and] how that will impact, in particular, the land market.”

However, Alexander was optimistic about the industry’s ability to overcome 2020’s challenges.

“…We’ve learned a lot from the past, from the last global recession,” he claimed.

“People’s gearings and people’s structuring is so much better this time around.” 

Part three of the podcast is available on Apple Podcasts for iOS users and Spotify.

Pictured above: Matthew Yassin, Edward Horn-Smith, Julian King, Michael Dean, Jon Salisbury, James Helmore, Chris Strathon and Alexander Pelopidas

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