Christopher Adamou

An interview with Christopher Adamou: Borrowers and lenders are 'underestimating' the time needed for properties to sell

In an interview with Bridging & Commercial, Christopher Adamou, managing director at Lendhub (pictured above), discusses the lender's rebrand, its upcoming plans and concerns for the bridging market.

You recently revealed a rebrand. What should brokers expect from the new-look Lendhub?

We have created a brand that we feel reflects our ambitious and creative nature. We have worked hard to create a strong visual identity that is unique and portrays our confident approach and innovative thinking and makes us stand out from the crowd.

The brand was developed in-house with all the Lendhub team involved, making it a really interesting and enjoyable exercise and something we are all extremely proud of. You can expect bright colours, fluid shapes and modern designs. Our Lendhub ‘Sim City’ has been given a bit of a facelift too as this proved to be very popular and memorable with most. Our new branding has not been rolled out on the website yet — so watch this space.

What have you got in the pipeline following the rebrand?

We have a number of exciting things to come. First, the hard launch of MyLendhub — our broker portal that is currently undergoing final testing and getting ready for its imminent release. 

Our portal has been designed to radically improve the lending journey and provide a seamless experience for both brokers and borrowers. 

The portal has a clean, intuitive interface and has been built to give access to real-time information providing complete transparency. There is also an app that will provide notifications and enable enquiries and applications to be dealt with on the move.

Again, this is something that the whole team has got involved in and we are excited to release it to our brokers.

We are also currently revamping our website in light of our rebrand and to make access to information easier. Users can also enjoy our new game to help build Lendhub City, but be warned, it’s incredibly addictive. Keep an eye on the leader board.

What are your biggest concerns for the bridging market this year?

Borrowers and lenders alike are underestimating the time necessary for properties to sell. 

Given that the property market has been particularly subdued with properties taking far longer to sell, lenders should ensure that they are providing long enough terms to enable a viable exit and all parties should also consider a plausible plan B.

How did you get into the industry?

I have been fascinated by property for as long as I can remember and remain fascinated by it today. 

I grew up around property and developed a real passion and curiosity with my father being an investor and developer. Seeing and experiencing the positive economic, social and environmental impacts and visual transformations created through development projects fuelled this passion.

I began my career as a chartered accountant and worked in the banking and capital markets team at Deloitte, where I developed a strong interest in the debt markets.

This interest coupled with my fascination for the property world meant that there was no better industry for me to be a part of.

If you didn’t work in finance, what would you be doing?

If it wasn’t being a property developer, I’d love the challenge of launching a tech start-up. Maybe one day.

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