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A look at what has changed since Vatbridge was acquired by Brightlane Corp

In April, Vatbridge became a wholly owned subsidiary of Houston-based Brightlane Corp.

In the intervening period, there have been some changes within the business. I sat down with Ian Boots, managing director at Vatbridge, to discuss these changes and what effect they have had on the business.

Working with Brightlane 

One major change for Vatbridge since its acquisition by Brightlane is the total rebranding that it has undertaken. Its previous red, white and black design has been replaced by a more modern, streamlined logo, featuring creative designs integrated into clear-blue backdrops.

Beyond these changes, Brightlane has emphasised the importance of leaving Vatbridge to run things its own way. Ian commented on the benefits of this approach. “Vatbridge is still conducting business in the same way that [it has] always done. Although we have been acquired by Brightlane, the emphasis has always been on ‘business as usual’ in order to conduct our loans in the most efficient way possible.”

Another benefit of the acquisition, Ian added, is that it has solidified our customers’ confidence in the business. Being part of an American public limited company “has always meant stability and accountability and we are no different. We have found that since the acquisition, our customer base is more reassured that we are a company that is trustworthy and honest.”

Future challenges

Despite benefits, such as stability and confidence in Vatbridge’s services, there are still challenges awaiting the company which the directors are ready for. The main obstacle facing the company, they agreed, would be new entrants into the specialist loans market. However, Vatbridge is excited to welcome these future challenges. 

“At Vatbridge, we are looking forward to there being more activity within our niche, which will allow us to show off what we do best in an ever more competitive market. We have high hopes in our future exploits,” explained Ian. “We see a bright future ahead for Vatbridge. More entrants into the market will mean more visibility for our niche, which will allow us to really shine as the expert in this market.” 

Vatbridge’s new product DF+

With the challenge of future competition in mind, Vatbridge has worked hard to ensure it is offering the newest services and products. As a result, we’ve seen the roll-out of a new product called DF+. 

This programme advances up to two months of reclaims before they would normally be received, improving cash flow and reducing the administration costs of VAT. Vatbridge takes over the reclaim process by becoming the VAT agent, liaising directly with HMRC. Investors of DF+ enter into a 12-month rolling facility.

While we have seen various changes within the business recently, Vatbridge is constantly striking a balance between evolving its products to remain relevant within a competitive market and maintaining the quality of the services its clients have come to expect.

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