David Wylie

LendingMetrics revamps website to explain the potential of Open Banking

LendingMetrics has re-designed its website to explain how Open Banking can improve the quality of underwriting and boost standards of compliance.

The auto-decisioning technology provider has incorporated a series of questions that will determine the type of business and industry the website’s visitor works in.

It will then produce a bespoke PDF report that will explain specific Open Banking benefits for them.

“We speak to a lot of finance providers and are aware that for many of them Open Banking is still, remarkably, relatively unknown,” said David Wylie, director at LendingMetrics (pictured above).

“[Finance providers] are stuck with antiquated underwriting well past its sell-by date that comes with possible non-compliance issues, but lack of knowledge holds them back from making any change.

“Our website — which has been six months in the making — tries to bring the umbrella term ‘Open Banking’ down to the level of their everyday business. 

“It shows them, really, that they cannot afford, for much longer, to avoid using it.”

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