Could cryptocurrencies bring stability to the UK after Brexit?

A CEO has called for UK businesses to adopt cryptocurrencies to stabilise a post-Brexit UK.

Danial Daychopan, CEO at cryptocurrency company Plutus, believed that digital currency had a number of key advantages over fiat currencies.

These included the fact that cryptocurrencies were not run by central bankers and that every transaction was recorded on a ledger.

Danial stated that currencies such as pound sterling and the euro were priced based on other foreign currencies.

“They’re interdependent and struggle in the face of global instability.

“Cryptocurrencies are decentralised and present a viable and stable alternative for businesses and consumers.”

Danial also claimed that national currencies were reliant on people’s faith in governments and the global financial system.

“In economies that aren’t stable, we’re already seeing digital economies developing and thriving.

“As veterans in the space, we’re excited to see what widespread adoption will mean for crypto.

“We’re approaching a period of instability and people need to understand that cryptocurrencies are going to be a force for good, not just tokens to be speculated upon.”

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