Oliver Jenkinson

Finstock Capital launches R&D bridging product

Finstock Capital has introduced a bridging product to support businesses waiting for their research and development (R&D) tax claim to be paid.

The lender –which was founded in 2017 – will provide businesses with funding of R&D tax claims from £50,000-250,000, which can support them with often critical short-term cash. 

Finstock has released the product after finding that some companies have been waiting for up to six months for payments.

Oliver Jenkinson, co-founder of Finstock Capital (pictured above), said it helped companies get early access to the money they would receive from HMRC by offering short-term loans with flexible terms.

“We are able to look at unusual financing situations where – because of time constraints and risk-aversion – traditional lenders are unable to service customers’ needs efficiently.

“Many firms prefer not to dilute the equity of their business and cannot obtain financing from banks due to a lack of revenues or fixed assets.

“Typically, the time between first contact with a company to the money hitting their account is seven days or less. 

“For a company with payroll approaching and insufficient funds to pay it, this service can be a real lifesaver.”

Finstock Capital also offers more traditional bridging finance on a bespoke case-by-case basis.

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