Scotland jobs

530,000 Scottish jobs rely on UK market

Nearly one in four Scottish jobs depend on the UK domestic market, new research has revealed.

Figures from the Fraser of Allander Institute showed that around 530,000 jobs in Scotland are supported by demand for the country’s goods and services from the rest of the UK.

By contrast, just 125,000 jobs are reliant on trade with the EU.

Secretary of state for Scotland David Mundell said: “As we leave the EU, it is vital we maintain the integrity of the UK market and prevent any new barriers to doing business across the UK.

“We have seen recent worrying figures showing the Scottish economy contracting, compared to the UK economy growing overall.

“So, at this time, it is more important than ever that Scotland’s two governments work together for the benefit of people in Scotland.”

More than 328,000 jobs supported by exports to the rest of the UK are in the services sector, while more than 150,000 are in manufacturing and construction.

The disparity between job reliance also extends to trade value, with Scotland selling £49.8bn of goods and services to the UK compared with £12.3bn for the EU.

“The UK government is working closely with the Scottish government to help boost the Scottish economy,” added Mr Mundell.

“That includes our new industrial strategy, UK City Deals and a £1.2bn funding boost for Scotland.”

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