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MFS creates property heat map

Market Financial Solutions (MFS) has announced the launch of a new online property heat map for buy-to-let investors.

Hosted on the MFS website, the heat map displays key information about regional cities, the home counties and London districts to provide a socio-economic insight into the UK’s rental hotspots.

Investors can refer to the heat map to discover the average property asking price, rent and rental yields in each location, as well as guides to future developments, transport and nearby schools or universities.

Paresh Raja, CEO of MFS (pictured above), said: “Our bridging loans assist many [property investors] to acquire investments quickly in good rental yield areas as well as developing regions.

“We thought [our heat map] would be a helpful tool to get – at a glance – an insight into areas within the UK’s evolving regional profiles in relation to the buy-to-let arena.

“Potential clients will benefit as we feel it will give them an idea about certain hotspot regions within the UK and create interest in other regions, as well as being able to drill down further into the areas of interest to them.”
MFS Heatmap

The heat map covers regional cities, the home counties and eight London districts
MFS heat map
Users can access a summary of key economic, social and political information in each area

The heat map also displays information about an area’s amenities and job opportunities.

MFS will populate additional regions with relevant figures and political announcements as phase two of the project, which is expected to begin shortly.

Paresh added: “We think this will be popular for those interested in the property market [who want to] get an insight into areas around the UK as well as London.

“It’s simple to use and the motion infographics provide a smarter more intuitive way to explore the regional profiles.”

The launch was accompanied by news that MFS had been named ‘Best Bridging Finance Lender’ at the Property Wire Awards 2017.

In February, MFS secured a new funding line worth £25m.

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