1bn funding package could boost rural property investment

£1bn funding package could boost rural property investment

A £1bn funding package for British digital infrastructure could boost property investment in rural areas.

In a report analysing the recent Autumn Statement, Market Financial Solutions (MFS) suggested that improved digital connectivity would be welcomed in the more remote parts of the UK as poor access to the internet can hamper property investment.

The lender cited figures from April of this year showing that 62% of property buyers believe fast broadband is equal to or more important than an extra bedroom.

Despite this, MFS highlighted the lack of stamp duty reform in the chancellor’s statement.

The firm stated that this issue was overlooked, and that reform had the potential to incentivise further investment into the UK property.

MFS expressed its desire to see policy-backed initiatives put in place in the near future in order to support not just the rental economy, but also first, second and buy-to-let property purchases.

Paresh Raja, CEO of MFS, said: “The UK property market is a key element to bridging.

“At MFS, we take great [care] to understand and look at the implication of government directions, economic events and the support of the various sectors within the property market.”

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