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  • Bank of Scotland wins £1m fraud case

    Bank of Scotland wins £1m fraud case


    The major bank has recently won a legal battle involving three clients who attempted to blame the lender for illegally fabricating a currency in line with a set of commercial loans......

  • Headline rates: Who is the lamb and who is the knife?

    Headline rates: Who is the lamb and who is the knife?


    Some believe the real victims of the bridging industry’s notorious ‘Rate War’ are the borrowers. Wooed by a lender’s seductive sub 0.7 per cent rate, only to be left heartbroken by excessive penalty.....

  • Living in the fast lane

    Living in the fast lane


    Rob Lankey, Director of Group Distribution at Aldermore, is on fire when talking about his modified cars – which is exactly the way he likes them!...

  • Music to my ears

    Music to my ears


    Kit Thompson, Director of Bridging Finance at Brightstar Financial, talks music including why Justin Bieber and Madonna should be banned from the music industry…...

  • Borro: Inside the vaults

    Borro: Inside the vaults


    From diamond-encrusted Cartier watches, to an actual tank, borro’s unusual assets have always been a curiosity of ours, so we decided to explore the depths of the vaults at Chancery Lane…...

  • Gastro vs Boozer

    Gastro vs Boozer


    Many years ago I worked at a London investment bank which churned out company and market reports on a weekly basis. The guys who wrote the reports were seriously bright.......